Cold SpringSt. Cloud
208 Red River Avenue South122 12th Avenue North
Cold Spring, MN 56320St. Cloud, MN 56303
320-685-4280 Main320-253-2096 Main


Mitch Rengel              Kari Hollencamp            
St. Cloud Area ManagerCommercial Closing Assistant   
P: 320-258-7511P: 320-258-7495
F: 320-258-7515F: 320-258-7515

Sara Burnett              Lynda Fish           
Commercial Closing AssistantCommercial Closing Assistant  
P: 320-258-7505P: 320-258-7491
F: 320-258-7515F: 320-258-7515

St. Cloud Residential/Development

Sue Lentner                 Jenni Philippi            
St. Cloud Area Escrow Mgr   Closing Assistant  
P: 320-258-7509P: 320-258-7513
F: 320-253-4536F: 320-253-4536

Brenda Roettger              Cindy Grogan           
Escrow OfficerClosing Assistant  
P: 320-258-7512P: 320-258-7494
F: 320-253-4536F: 320-253-4536

Sarah Dombrovski              Janet Waibel             
Escrow OfficerClosing Assistant
P: 320-258-7488P: 320-258-7502
F: 320-253-4536F: 320-253-4536

Kim Hofmann              Wanda Kruchten        
Escrow OfficerClosing Assistant  
P: 320-258-7503P: 320-258-7514
F: 320-253-4536F: 320-253-4536

Mary Weis                                       
Closing Assistant/Disbursing          
P: 320-258-7485
F: 320-253-4536                                                   

Cold Spring Office

Melanie Walz            J.J. Utecht               
Escrow OfficerClosing Assistant  
P: 320-258-7501P: 320-685-4280
F: 320-685-3205F: 320-685-3205

Production/Title Services

Adam Schad                 Jenny Ayres         
Attorney/Title Examiner  Production Specialist   
P: 320-258-7498  P: 320-258-7483
F: 320-258-3536  F: 320-258-3536

Sharon Sherwood               Lynn Connelly           
Order Entry Production Assistant  
P: 320-258-7493 P: 320-258-7508
F: 320-258-3536 F: 320-258-3536

Deb Jacobs                    Sam Calvert           
Licensed AbstractorAttorney/Title Examiner
P: 320-258-7504P: 320-258-7481
F: 320-258-3536F: 320-258-3536                 

Construction Disbursing/Accounting

Sandy Benoit              Mary Libbesmeier              
Construction DisbursingAccounting/Disbursing  
P: 320-258-7507P: 320-258-7516
F: 320-258-3536F: 320-258-3536


Laura Tangen                 Russ Brenna               
Receptionist/Scheduling  Courier 
P: 320-253-2096  P: 320-293-0290
F: 320-253-4536  F: 320-258-3536

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